My approach as a counselor is grounded in my own experience as an artist, dancer, birth doula, and my own journey as a mother. For years, I have used movement and art to transform my own trials into sources of power.  As a therapist, I have absolute confidence in facing the full range of human experience with my clients, in order to facilitate movement through and to the other side of pain.

In our sessions together, my intention is to meet you exactly where you are today, so that I can hear what is most important to you right now.  And if you don’t yet know, that’s a great place for us to start.  Our time together will be about clarifying your goals for yourself, identifying how and when forward action becomes difficult, then moving through the stuck places, in order to discover fun and easy ways to pour your energy into the areas of your life that matter the most to you.

As your counselor, my orientation is both somatic and experiential. Somatically, I invite you to step into your truth through movement and gentle body-centered invitations that cultivate self-awareness, self-acceptance, and confidence. Experientially, I support you in gaining a holistic sense of your situation, right now, and how you might want to change (emotionally, physically, cognitively, energetically, spiritually) in order to reach your goals. The use of art, movement, drama, poetry, journaling, visualization, mindfulness practices (such as meditation) and music are all useful tools to support you in realizing a more expansive sense of self.

I offer a complimentary consultation so that we may meet in person and see if working together is the right match for your needs. You may contact me at 303-562-6245 or email me at [email protected].